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Supplier Partners

A-Check partners with the employment screening industry's most respected third party services providers, including court researchers, laboratories, collection sites, fingerprinting providers and other specialty suppliers across the United States and around the world.

However, to ensure quality of service, data security and compliance, A-Check does not outsource or offshore any processing functions, including call center or technology development.

A-Check is committed to a diverse partner pool, providing opportunities based on reputation, capability, compliance, experience and performance. As an A-Check Partner, you will have easy and secure access to Partner Direct, A-Check's single point portal for retrieving assignments and submitting results.

Access A-Check's Partner Direct Login Page

Interested in a supplier partnership with A-Check? Contact A-Check today to explore synergistic opportunities.

Commercial Services Partners

A-Check's Commercial Services Division specializes in providing background screening industry peers with wholesale international background check services at very competitive rates and industry-leading turnaround times. In 2011, A-Check conducted more than 70,000 international background checks around the world.

The A-Check Global Program makes offering your clients international services a turnkey proposition without additional infrastructure outlay or compliance headaches.

Global services offered through the A-Check Alliance Partners Network include:

  • International employment and education verifications
  • International Criminal Records searches
  • International substance abuse screening and medical services programs

A-Check's international services turnaround times are some of the best in the industry. Contact A-Check today for details.

Technology Partners

A-Check's technology partners either extend the functionality of our services or integrate our services into their ecosystem to provide mutual clients a seamless experience.

Interested in exploring the benefits of a technology partnership? Contact A-Check today to explore synergistic opportunities.

I have a partnership question. Who do I contact?

Contact A-Check's Client Relations Department toll free at 877-345-2021 (direct: 951-750-1501) for assistance, or click the chat/message button below.