Personalized Substance Abuse Program Management

A-Check Global clients are provided with a Dedicated Screening Specialist who is responsible for the initial drug screening program implementation as well daily administration.

During program implementation, client needs and special requirements are discussed and analyzed. Program specific details may include identification of the person(s) receiving screening reports, geographic needs for collection facilities and special invoicing. Once the program is live, our Drug Screening Specialists continue to partner with clients by providing periodic program reviews and feedback on new products and enhancements.

Multiple Site Management

A-Check Global has the ability to fulfill the drug screening needs of companies with multiple sites regardless of site proximity. Our company has access to over 13,000 collection sites located throughout the U.S. and abroad and our comprehensive network can be utilized to meet both national and international drug screening requirements.

A-Check Global will locate collection sites close to each company location or applicant worksite, ensuring candidates will not travel far for collection. Completed reports are normally returned within 24-48 business hours to the appropriate company representative.

Random Selection Programs

Our random selection process is coordinated through our D.O.T. approved software. Each donor is selected at random through sophisticated computer algorithms from a selected percentage of employees. These random selection tests can occur as often as your company desires. A-Check Global clients can also utilize random selection software for non-regulated drug screening needs.