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A-Check Direct 3.0

A-Check Direct®: Advanced Screening Interface

A-Check Direct®, the industry's most advanced employment screening web application, dramatically streamlines the employee screening process by providing an intuitive interface connected to a powerful back-end system.

Since its original release in 1999, A-Check Direct® has successfully processed more than 1.2 million people, with more than seven million individual requests covering domestic and international employee screening services.

Combined with A-Check's high-tech, high-touch client services approach, A-Check Direct® offers employers solid reasons to choose A-Check as a preferred screening partner.

A-Check Direct® is very flexible and robust enough to setup any type of background check or drug screening program, regardless of size, scope or complexity. A-Check Direct® is much more than an ordering portal. It is a precise tool that helps hiring professionals make informed hiring decisions based on compliant information and processes.

Developed and  maintained by A-Check's talented application development team, A-Check Direct® provides employers unprecedented flexibility, cost control and process transparency.

A-Check Direct® Features

Real-time Reporting
Information entered on A-Check Direct is processed in real time to immediately update each report with the most current reportable data available. Results for certain automated searches are available in a matter of seconds. While some components require manual verification or courthouse records confirmation, others can be completed in under a minute.

24-7 Account Access
A-Check Direct® is available and open for business whenever, wherever you are. With a web enabled computer, clients securely log into, use and manage their account at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Direct Electronic Connection to Courts
A-Check's direct electronic connection to the nation's courts dramatically reduces turnaround times. As more courts make records available electronically, A-Check links with them for faster service. When an electronic connection is not available, A-Check Direct® Automatically routes an electronic call to action to the court researcher best positioned to conduct the record search. Court researchers then deliver results directly into A-Check Direct® through PartnerConnect™, a secure intranet portal that feeds A-Check Direct® in real time.

Tiered User Privilege Levels
Highly customizable user privilege options result in complete control and oversight of your organization's screening program. Four distinct access and privilege levels are offered, each with customizable parameters to fine-tune your organization's goals.

Supplier Management program
A-Check Direct® fully supports supplier management programs, standardizing and tracking the quality of your contingent labor's screening practices. Gain control of the contingent labor liability issue with A-Check Direct's advanced account access privilege levels. A-Check will set up your suppliers and guide them through the standardized process required by your organization. You will retain complete oversight of the process.

Compliant FCRA Adverse and Pre-Adverse Notifications
A-Check Direct® provides clients the flexibility to customize FCRA Adverse and Pre-Adverse Notifications to suit their specific business needs while maintaining compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

Screening Process Transparency
Once a request is entered in A-Check Direct®, each phone call, each contact attempt and each step leading to the completion of a report is logged and viewable to the client. A-Check Direct® users always know the status and progress of their requests, in detail. A-Check Direct® also  notifies the client automatically when a report is completed.
Clear Visual Cues for Report Status
Determining whether a file or components within a file require your review is made immediately apparent through clear visual cues.
Clear and Concise Background Check Reports
A-Check Direct® generates well organized, easy to read reports designed with ease of use and clarity in mind. A-Check's Quality Control and Compliance Department reviews and green lights each report to ensure compliance with local, state, federal and country requirements, as well as any individual client business rules. Reports are checked for accuracy and compliance, and any obscure legal language is clarified for the client.

Industry Standard ATS/HRIS/VMS Integration
For clients who wish to manage the background screening function of their organization's hiring pipeline from the familiar environment of a specific human capital management system, A-Check Direct® readily integrates with all ATS/HRIS/VMS systems on the market.
A-Check's current integration partners include some of the world's best known ATS/HRIS/VMS systems providers. A-Check's proven experience and consultative approach results in a clearly delineated and predicatble path to integration, which A-Check Drives from beginning to completion.
Current integrations in place with A-Check Direct® include:

  • Taleo Enterprise Edition
  • Taleo Business Edition
  • Agile-1 Acceleration Pro
  • Oracle PeopleSoft 8.9 and 9.0
  • Kenexa
  • Kronos
  • HR Smart
  • UltiPro Position Manager
  • iCIMS
  • RightThing
  • and more!

Dynamic Management Reports
Clients enjoy  instant access to comprehensive management reporting features through A-Check Direct®. Informative reports generated in real time are available to manage turnaround times, spending, results analysis and more.

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