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Social Security Trace

Social Security Number Trace

Through a Social Security Number Trace, A-Check will verify the Social Security Number listed on the employment application with the applicant’s name. A Social Security Number is required to obtain this report.

This information is received through a National Credit Bureau. The trace will confirm the name associated with the social security number supplied, and may notify of any fraudulent use. This trace is considered a "soft hit" and does not impact credit scores.

  • Verifies number validity
  • Identifies People Associated with SSN
  • May Provide A.K.A.'s
  • May Provide Current and Past Addresses
  • May Provide Current and Past Employers

The year and state in which the SSN was issued will be reported along with all names and address associated with it in the credit bureaus records.

Our social security trace warns when a Social Security number may never have been issued, may have been issued to a person who has been reported deceased, currently being used by other individuals (lists up to four names using the number) or has been issued in a year indicating the number may belong to a child.

Best Practices
A Social Security Trace should be obtained with every background check to develop additonal names and jurisdictions not disclosed by the applicant in the employment application.

Turnaround Times
Instant to one day.