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EPN - Drivers Direct

DriversDirect™ - Employer Pull Notice Program (EPN) California

DriversDirect™ provides employers the most intuitive and efficient online platform to manage drivers and comply with California's Employer Pull Notice Program (EPN) mandate that employers cooperate with the state's Department of Motor Vehicles to promote driver safety through monitoring of driver records.

With DriversDirect™, A-Check electronically monitors enrolled employee driving records and immediately notifies employers when a reportable event, ie: Accident, citation, lapse, etc. is attached to an employees driver's license by the DMV.

DriversDirect™ also offers customized automated notifications for upcoming expirables, helping ensure continuous driver compliance. A new version of  DriversDirect™, released July 2012, now provides even greater benefits and efficiencies to employers.

Quick Overview of New Drivers Direct features

New and Improved Dashboard Features
  - Instant at-a-glance access to critical information most important to You
  - Quick links to most relevant driver data
  - Daily Activity Report for fast access to critical data
  - Expiring documents bar graph
  - Direct links to reports from dashboard bar graphs
  - Improved reporting for efficient management decisions 

Automated E-mail Alerts for Important Events
  - For expiring Drivers Licenses
  - For expiring Medical Licenses
  - For all other expirable documents, including custom client entered expirables

Digital Driver Document Management and Storage
Upload and manage important documentation directly into a driver's profile, such as DOT required documents, crash documents or any other client-defined document, with the ability to set expiration dates for automated reminders.


  • Stay on top of your drivers' status through the DriversDirect™ Dashboard. You will also receive a pull notice e-mail alert.
  • Receive Drivers' Licenses status notifications  within hours, rather than days.
  • Easily manage your Pull Program driver roster. Add, delete, activate or inactivate drivers securely.
  • 24-7 information: Maintain immediate online access to your enrolled employees' records.
  • Upload and set expiration dates for important driver documents.
  • Save money! Reduce administrative costs of a paper-based system.
  • Stay compliant. DriversDirect™ meets California Highway Patrol compliance requirements.

Best Practices
Any employee can be enrolled. Certain drivers licence types must be enrolled. Per the California Vehicle Code 1808.1 employers must obtain a requester code and enroll any driver employed for the operation of any vehicle, if the driver is required to have any of the following:

• Class A license.
• Class B license.
• Class C license with a Hazardous Materials Endorsement.
• Class C license with Special Certificates, issued pursuant to CVC Section 2512, 12517, 12519,12520, 12523, or 12523.5
• Any driver of a passenger vehicle having a seating capacity of not more than 10 persons, including the driver, operated for compensation by a charter-party carrier of passengers.
• Passenger Stage Corporation with a certificate of public convenience and necessity or permit issued by the PUC.

Turnaround Times
Client requests for driving record inquiries are returned wihin 24-72 hours. Pull notice abstracts - Violation Notices - are generated in real time as they are entered into the DMV system.

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Quick Overview of new Drivers Direct features
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