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A-Check Employment Screening Services - Background Checks and More

A-Check provides highly-effective, compliant employment screening programs to more than 2,300 employers with 13,000 sites around the globe. A-Check has perfomed background checks on more than 1.2 million applicants, with a reinvestigation rate of less than .0018 percent, one of the lowest in the industry.

As an original Founding Member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), A-Check played a vital role in shaping the background check industry's best practices standards, providing employers and applicants a consistent, compliant, responsive and ulimately better screening experience.

Background checks include a variety of individual service components specifically tailored to each employer, each industry, each type of job description and each set of state or country guidelines.

A Background check may include criminal records searches, educational credentials verification, verification of employment history, verification of professional licenses, references interview, credit reports, and industry-specific database searches commonly reffered to as "Compliance Link Searches."

Background checks may also include driver records searches, checks of the sex offender registries, verification of eligibility for employment, verification of social security number and civil records searches.

A-Check specializes in assessing clients' hiring risk mitigation needs and implementing the most effective background check program to meet specific client goals.