Privacy Policy

Types of Information We Collect

A-Check America, Inc. (doing business as A-Check Global) is a corporation specializing primarily in employment screening. In its normal course of work, the company collects personal information such as names, addresses, social security numbers (or relevant equivalent), date of birth, credit history, criminal records, employment history, educational history, credentials and more, as permitted by law and custom. Information is obtained from a variety of sources, including but not limited to primary records repositories (courts, police, corrections departments, etc.), Departments of Motor Vehicles, prior employers, and previous educational institutions. The information is compiled into a report, commonly referred to as a "Consumer Report" or a "Background Screening Report."

Purpose of Information We Collect

Information is collected primarily for the purposes of employment screening on behalf of employers who have a legitimate reason for requesting the information, and only with the written, unambiguous consent from the individual subject to our inquiries. The information we collect is not used for any other purpose. It is not sold or distributed to any other parties, or used compile direct mail lists. We do not conduct investigations for Private Investigators, Attorneys, private parties, bill collectors or, for businesses operated solely out of homes (with certain exceptions).

Data Storage, Retention and Destruction

Hard copies of information used in the process of compiling consumer reports are stored in locked file cabinets located in restricted access storage rooms within our secure facility. Once information in hard copies is either no longer needed to compile a consumer report or no longer needed to comply with regulatory retention requirements, hard copies are placed in locked waste bins within our secure facility and are shredded onsite and disposed of by a bonded document destruction company. Soft-copy Information is retained and archived indefinitely in a secure environment, available for audit purposes only to the subject of the consumer report or to the client who procured the report. In limited circumstances, hard copies of consumer reports and the documents used to compile them are retained for specific periods of time, as prescribed by law or statute.

Security of Data

Data is transmitted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and is stored in a secure environment accessible only to the client who requested the report and authorized A-Check Global personnel who work directly on the report.

Access to Your Report

A copy of an individual's Consumer Report may be requested only by the client who originally ordered the report, or by the subject of the report. Individuals to whom the report pertains can obtain a copy at no charge by submitting an Online Report Request Form. Report requests are processed the same day the request is received.


A-Check Global takes the security and privacy of consumer information very seriously. At A-Check Global, the confidentiality of the information entrusted to us is of utmost importance. Our staff is under strict confidentiality and compliance agreements, as are our clients. All data collection, storage and utilization procedures practiced by A-Check Global are in compliance with all applicable laws, which include the United States Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), individual state or province background screening and privacy laws, the European Union Data Protection Directive and any other national laws, as applicable.

A-Check Global is committed to maintaining your trust and protecting your privacy, the privacy of your applicants and that of your employees.

Outsourcing Policy

Please see A-Check Global's Outsourcing Policy

Personal Information Disclosure

U.S. based employment candidates: With the exception of limited Personal Information that must be provided to out-of-country court researchers, employers, or educational institutions in order to complete a background check or drug test in, or for that specific country, A-Check Global does not transfer PII outside the United States.

Employment candidates based outside the United States: A-Check Global operates out of a centralized processing facility in Riverside, California. Candidate data flows into the United States when employer or candidate provides data to A-Check Global required to conduct a background check. A-Check Global processes background checks only with the written, unambiguous consent from the individual subject to our inquiries.

For more information about A-Check Global’s Data Security Policies please contact us

Privacy Policy Available in Alternative Format

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Changes to Privacy Policy

This Policy may be modified as a result of amendments to the law or regulations or due to other reasons. In such case, an amended Policy will be posted on A-Check Global’s website at The page providing the Policy shall contain a date as to when the Policy was last updated.

Revision Date: 15 December 2014

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