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Alliances and Sister Companies

As an independently-operated part of the ACT-1 Group of Companies, A-Check is uniquely positioned to deliver cost savings and efficiencies to clients due to our close relationships with our sister companies. The ACT-1 Group brings more than 35 years of experience serving the needs of employers through a full suite of employment-related service providers, including:

AT-Tech - At-tech serves to connect the very best technical employees and contractors with forward looking employers and organizations. At-Tech staffing consultants take the time to understand your needs and focus on identifying precision matches that serve both the employee and the employer.

Agile•1 Workforce Solutions - Agile•1 is a proven leader in talent procurement, supplier management, workforce consulting and recruitment process outsourcing solutions. Agile•1 service and software solutions streamline talent procurement and management processes; reduce employment liability and support business goals. By empowering people to spend more time focusing on their core competencies, Agile•1 maximizes the value that each new hire brings to an organization.

AppleOne- AppleOne is the world's largest privately held employment service, with hundreds of offices throughout the United States and Canada. Founded by Bernie Howroyd in 1964, AppleOne currently provides a wide range of staffing products and services to over 70,000 corporate clients and has achieved millions of career results. A recognized industry leader, AppleOne maintains its dominant position through the strategic leveraging of personalized custom services, leading-edge recruitment expertise and sophisticated web-enabled HR technology.

AppleOne Payroll - When you decide to outsource payroll and tax filing functions you should not have to compromise. Your payroll system should fit your business rules. You should not have to conform your business rules to fit the vendor's systems and factory processing practices. Access to your data should be seamless and cost effective.

California National University - CNU helps companies meet the challenge of maintaining a well-trained workforce. CNU has provides quality degree programs in a flexible environment. This is accomplished with an innovative approach to traditional education, combining self-study with direct personal contact and technology.

CTA Travel - CTA Travel is a full-service travel management company, with services ranging from vacations to corporate travel management, groups, meetings, and incentives. CTA has unrivaled knowledge of destinations and the inside information that curbs travel costs so businesses can attain the best value for their corporate travel budget.

DSSI - DSSI Document Management Solutions - DSSI brings a host of document management services to the business, legal, and government communities. Founded in 1996, DSSI is a full-service document management solutions provider that provides clients with a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for data organization. This includes handling volumes of archived records as well as incoming documents and data. Document management is the art of blending paper and electronic files into an easily accessible and useful electronic database.

ATIMS - Law Enforcement Software Solutions - ATIMS is a leading provider of Law Enforcement and Public Safety software, featuring fully integrated solutions for stand-alone or system-wide applications. ATIMS systems are deployed in Law Enforcement, Corrections and Justice Agencies throughout the United States. From dispatch through records and corrections, ATIMS' Records Management, Field Reporting, and Jail Management Systems provide comprehensive and affordable software for every link in the chain of public safety information management and distribution.

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