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What can A-Check Offer Telecommunications Employers?

  • Single source drug and background screening provider with successful enterprise telecommunications expertise.
  • Nationwide and international support - 200 countries and territories, 159 languages.
  • Web-based, single source reporting with tiered access levels for complete corporate control.
  • Industry leading report turnaround times.
  • Customized packages: Add, remove or modify packages with ease.
  • Compliance with your specific business rules.
  • Resources to develop benchmarks for specific positions.
  • Compliance with FCRA and state guidelines.
  • Complete management of adverse/pre-adverse letter process.
  • Standardized services across your organization regardless of size or locations.
  • Customized invoicing broken down by cost center, location, type of service, and more.
  • Management reports to keep tabs on usage and costs under control.
  • Customer service dedicated to 100% client satisfaction.- Seamless ATS / HRIS integration.

Benefits of Using A-Check's Services

  • Mitigate risk of bad hires: Hire better employees and prevent workplace violence.
  • Free up your time from the time-consuming task of properly screening applicants.
  • Reduce costs associated with turnover.
  • Reduce substance abuse related accidents.
  • Standardize quality of background and drug screening.
  • Control background and drug screening costs.
  • Order, retrieve and manage your account online.- Enjoy access to A-Check's employment legal resources.