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Telecommunications Hiring Challenges

Retirement of Baby Boomers

The growing demand for skilled workers is not matched by an adequate supply. In Europe, the U.S. and Canada, the impending retirement of baby boomers is a critical challenge to the industry. The average growth of the 55's and above is estimated to be 4%, and the size of the labor force from the prime age group of 25 - 50 is set to decline by 7% up to 2020.

Criminal Records

One in four employees in the Telecommunications Industry work in installation, maintenance and repair. It is critical those applicants are properly screened to mitigate risk as these front-line employees come in direct contact with customers, in the customer's own home or place of business.

For less than a day's wages, A-Check will quickly find any potential red flags in an applicant's past. We will provide you a clear, concise, and legally-compliant report of an individual's criminal records, driving violations, professional references, education records, credit, Worker's Comp claim history and more. We can also manage the hire/no hire decision and adverse action letter process.

Substance Abuse

Studies show higher absenteeism, medical costs, accident rates and decreased productivity amongst drug and alcohol abusers. A-Check can manage your drug free workplace program by providing on-site instant drug and alcohol testing products, 24 hour random, reasonable-cause and post-accident testing.