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Healthcare Hiring Challenges

The Healthcare industry is facing constant recruiting challenges.  It is not uncommon to find vacancy levels of 15% or more for all posts and turnover rates from 20-25 percent. Healthcare organizations also have the added challenge of adhering to regulated training and licensing requirements.


For less than a day's wages, A-Check will quickly find any potential red flags in an applicant's past. We will provide you a clear, concise, and legally-compliant report of an individual's criminal records, driving violations, professional references, education records, credit, Worker's Comp claim history and more. We can also manage the hire/no hire decision based on your company's pre-set parameters.


Studies show higher absenteeism, medical costs, accident rates and decreased productivity amongst drug and alcohol abusers.

 A-Check can manage your drug free workplace program by providing on-site instant drug and alcohol testing products, 24 hour random, reasonable-cause and post-accident testing.

Due to the nature of the healthcare industry and exposure to such a wide array of people.  It is important to go beyond a basic background screening and determine of candidates have engaged in unethical behavior or have ever been fired for incompetence. In an industry that deals so intimately with people, the extra precautions are not a luxury, they are a necessity.