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Client Success – A Case Study

This regional University Medical Center originally established in 1905, now boasts 900-beds, and 400 plus faculty physicians. The hospital operates some of the largest clinical programs in the United States in areas such as neonatal care and outpatient surgery and is recognized as the international leader in infant heart transplantation and proton treatments for cancer. Each year, the institution admits more than 33,000 inpatients and serves roughly half a million outpatients.

The Issue 

The University hospital needed a screening solution that encompassed a centralized ordering and billing system compatible with Position Manager, their existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS). They were also looking for a better value and superior customer service to their current provider.

The Solution

A-Check's team of talented software developers integrated A-Check Direct™ with Position Manager™, providing the client a seamless experience. A-Check's capabilities include integration with any HRXML compliant ATS. The university hospital center gained the ability to conduct their background and drug screening functions and completely integrate that function within their existing systems.

Due to the nature of the healthcare industry and exposure to such a wide array of people.  It is important to go beyond a basic background screening and determine of candidates have engaged in unethical behavior or have ever been fired for incompetence. In an industry that deals so intimately with people, the extra precautions are not a luxury, they are a necessity.