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Client Success – A Case Study

This well established nationwide homebuilder operates in 25 states and delivered 35,000 homes last year. The company, which employs 14,000 people, also offers vertically integrated services including mortgage, title and insurance.

The Issue

As the use of background and drug screens became prevalent over the years, the company's use of multiple vendors by local offices became a burden due to lack of standardization in both products and customer service practices. Billing issues, customer service issues and background screening inconsistencies led the company to seek a comprehensive, standardized one-vendor solution.

The Solution

A-Check set up a centralized billing plan that allowed Corporate complete control and oversight of satellite offices' requests. A-Check also implemented a standardized process by which drug and background screening are managed through A-Check Direct™ with customized client parameters. All company locations choose from the same set of background and drug screening packages, ensuring consistency and controlling costs. The company now receives a single monthly invoice, broken down by location.