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Outsourcing Policy

A-Check's Outsourcing Policy: No Outsourcing

A-Check does not (and never has) outsourced or offshored customer service or employment / education verification functions. A-Check firmly believes in the value of a centralized single-point-of-contact service model which results in consistent, high levels of customer satisfaction ratings and a successful verifications rate of better than 99.8 percent.

We do not utilize home workers or part-time labor. A-Check customer service and processing center employees are all full-time professionals with a minimum 2-4 weeks of intensive training plus additional position-specific mentorship, based at our principal processing center in Riverside, California.

A-Check uses international resources to perform country-specific work, using experienced local researchers to retrieve records information. Researchers are provided only the information necessary to conduct their searches. Records information is uploaded to our systems in real time, then processed and managed by our centralized processing center in the United States.