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A-Check mitigates hiring risk by identifying and reporting any issues with a candidate's background that could adversely affect an employer.

A-Check provides employers with a comprehensive set of pre employment screening services and programs, including background checks, drug tests, alcohol screening, assessments, ATS/HRIS/VMS integration services and more.

The basic process is as follows: Employers obtain written authorization from applicants to conduct a background check, provide A-Check with applicant information taken from completed employment application; choose from a menu of screening services and submit their screening request with the click of a button.

Service requests are received by A-Check via the web through A-Check's online user portal, A-Check Direct™ or through clients’ in house Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) or Vendor Management System (VMS) which are pre- integrated with A-Check’s systems.

Once a request arrives, its individual components are divided and assigned to the appropriate internal departments, who work simultaneously to complete a client's screening request.

The Registration Department looks over each request to ensure it is complete and in compliance with client business rules.

The Verifications Department goes to work reaching out to prior employers and educational institutions to confirm dates of employment and educational credentials. Verifications also confirms professional licenses, references, military records and more. Verifications can be regional, national or international.

The Records Department searches for criminal records, selecting the most reliable sources of information available and carefully applying the varying reporting requirements for each client, state or country. Records searches can be regional, national or international.

The Drug Screening Department manages all aspects of the substance abuse screening programs available at A-Check. The department’s Scheduling Center locates nearby collection facilities and guides applicants through the process, following up on and reporting the results of the drug or alcohol screen.

Once all request components are completed, A-Check’s Quality Control and Compliance Department reviews each report to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, international requirements and all client business rules. QC is also responsible for ensuring A-Check and clients remain abreast of legal developments affecting employee screening.

As a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), A-Check strives for 100 percent accuracy and compliance with all applicable federal, state and client reporting requirements, including providing consumers a speedy and efficient dispute process in the rare cases when the consumer feels the information reported in their background is not accurate (less than .02 percent of A-Check reports are disputed).

Overseeing this process, the Client Relations Department keeps a pulse on client accounts and monitors the progress of files, reaching out to clients and resolving issues as needed. Client Relations is also responsible for Client Satisfaction Surveys.

A-Check’s Sales Department drives new business to keep the company on a growth track, provide clients personalized, local sales support and deploys sales initiatives.

The Marketing Department Drives Leads to the Sales Department, manages corporate communications and conceptualizes and implements branding activities.

Our Training and Development Department ensures both clients and employees are provided the knowledge and training needed for optimal performance and compliance. A-Check’s Training Center is a fully equipped and wired 18 seat facility that permits realistic training in a controlled environment in which to hold A-Check Academy sessions.

A-Check’s Information Technology Department is responsible for systems development, including hardware and software solutions. IT develops new products and services, and maintains A-Check's considerable electronic infrastructure.

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